Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Real Estate Services for NRIs

Real estate in India has been a profitable deal for all of us. However there are lots of differences between the real estate of India and the US. One of the most important differences is the foreclosure. You will definitely find that the foreclosures are not so common in India as compared to US. People in India are more passionate about their houses than the US. As far as the NRI are concerned they enjoy lots of benefits in India as compared to the other countries in all the fields and real estate is not far behind.

I would like to list some points which will prove that NRI are always in profit in India. They are as follows:

It is a common observation that most of the NRI have some old properties. It is quiet common to find their family members living in those houses. And in some cases some very old tenants might have captured the house. This might make the responsible NRI think a lot about the property. I cannot say that they on most of the cases would like to sell the properties but yes majority of them do think to sell their share since they have no interest left in the property. However this is not an easy task.

Most of them have lots of disputes and the problem increases because the NRI shows unwillingness in returning back and taking care of their properties. However they should not worry because there are many real estate agencies in India engaged in selling such properties.

However there are some NRI who have love for their old properties. They hesitate in selling the property. However they find it quiet difficult to maintain the property since they have nobody left to look after their property. However they should not worry. There are many real estate agencies who promise to provide best maintenance facilities to those NRI.

All you will have to do as an NRI is that you will have to pay the maintenance cost as well as the fees to the real estate agency. Once you pay these fees you should feel relaxed and your property will be maintained in the best possible way.

Lending a property to some tenant is not a risk free job. You will definitely find lots of problem if you are an NRI. But you should not worry because most of the real estate agency provides facilities which allow lending your properties without much risk. The real estate agents also promise to transfer the rent to your account directly.

These are some of the facilities which are being provided by the real estate agency to the NRI.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors

The real estate investors cannot be always right. If this will happen, then all of them will become a billionaire. But this never happens. This does not means that majority of the people will fail if they are in real estate. The reality is that the majority of them are able to earn a good some of money. And only minority of the people in this field loses the ground. But the question really is why some earns lesser while the other earns more? This article is about the same.

There are many mistakes which the real estate investors make. Most of them are simple silly and cannot even be dream off. Some of them are as follows:

1.Most of the real estate investors forget about their past. They forget what mistakes they have done in the past which made them to pay. They forget those mistakes. But are they happier. Never, by no means they can be happier. The person who learns from his previous mistakes can only laugh in future because he decreases the chances of him being wrong.

2.The second mistake which most of the real estate investors make is related to numbers. They are quiet eager to finalize the property which they are going to buy without keeping in mind that there are many such properties and they should look at each of them once before deciding.

3.The third mistake which comes to my mind is that of paying too much. They are quiet eager to buy one property. They did not even realize that they can buy the property for even less amount. The main problem is with deciding the properties value. They make the mistake of evaluating the value of property which they re going to buy. On most of the cases they end up paying more amounts. This type of error is made by most of the new comers. I haven't seen any real estate investor who is experienced and is found doing this kind of mistake.

4.The fourth point which comes to my mind is the greediness. Many investors spoil their chances of earning a decent amount by becoming greedy. Let us take the example of the foreclosure. This kind of investors might bid a very high amount and there are more than hundred percent chances that some other investor will take away the property for lesser price and still earning a good amount of money.

5.The fifth mistake which comes to my mind is the decision of not hiring the real estate agent. This is a very big mistake and I do feel that all of the investors should look out for some real estate agent.

This sums up some of the mistakes done by the investors. Hope they avoid it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jointly Owned Property

Just think of the situation when the property is quiet big. Suppose the cost of the property is around $20 billion. This is definitely a very big property and is very hard to own it single handedly. Hence two or three owners join hands to buy such a huge property jointly. However this is just for explaining the concept behind jointly owned property. In fact if more than one person owns the property then they are referred as the co-owners, co-tenants or the joint tenants.

I am sure that now you would have got the idea about the joint ownership. Now I would like to present some of the rights and duties of the jointly owned properties. They are as follows:

Rights and duties

1.Each owner has the right to interfere in the judgment taken by the other owner. Suppose the other owner decides to rent the property then he will have to inform the other owner. If he will not inform the other owner then I must tell you that the other owner can complain about it. He can also take the first owner to the court if he is willing to. In a nutshell each owner should know that what changes are being made to the property. If it is being rented then he should get the share of the rent.

2.Each owner has to be ready to pay for the expenses of the property. Various taxes like the property taxes, water taxes and so on should be paid jointly by all the owners.

3.If one owner is trying to sell his share then he can do it only with the permission of the other owners. If the other owners show their unwillingness then you cannot sell your share. However you can question their decision in the court and you will then have to respect the decision taken by the court. I your court decide against you then you will not be able to sell it. However if the court is in your favor then you will be allowed to sell your share.

The main disadvantage behind the joint ownership is the fact that you will not be able to be 100 % free in taking the decisions. You will have to form a board and the board will decide all the things which will be done related to the property. Whatever might be the case, I must tell you that you will be able in much better profit if you are alone the owner of the property than the co-ownership.

However there is an advantage as well. You will not be the lone looser if epidemics strike. The loss will be distributed among all the partners. In fact you will always be in profit always with the jointly owned ownership.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Inland Property, Andalucía become so popular

Andalucía is one of the places which have become very popular these days among not only the Spaniards but also among various foreign investors. I must say that you will definitely it to really great as far as the real estate in Andalucía is concerned. According to one of the recent survey more than half of the population wanted to have the beach nearby their houses. How wrong they were because thousands of them were lured by the inland property of Andalucía. The property really starts from the normal village properties to the urban properties with pools.

Can you really imagine that what are the advantages of buying the property such as inland in Andalucía? I must say that Andalucía has lot to offer and I must say that you will find lot of reasons to enjoy as well. The main occupation of the village side Andalucía is still the agriculture. The villagers however enjoys the proceeding as well. I must say that they really find local village summer ferias as one of the best time to celebrate. During this occasion they have none other work than enjoyment. If you have flair to learn a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of culture, then you can really make lots of difference. You will amaze with the amount of reception you will get from the villagers.

The sheer beauty of rural Andalucía is another lure for the buyers of inland property. All kinds of landscapes await lovers of the outdoor lifestyle in Andalucía. The unusual moonscapes of E1 torcal nature reserve, the blue water of the Chorro gorge- a Mecca for climbers, the breathtaking beauty of the Cazorla national park, and the rolling hills of the Sierra Morena: all these are wonderful places to explore!

This clearly suggest one and only one thing and that is the inland areas of Spain especially Andalucía are really some great places and you should really enjoy them. I must say that there should be no harm in buying the inland properties. And you should not be surprised to note that these properties come at lower prices as compared to the other properties.

As far as the real estate is concerned I must say that you will find all kind of properties in Andalucía. You cannot really assume that you will not get the chance to participate in foreclosure. In fact I must say that you will definitely find all kind of real estate properties like foreclosure, short sale and flipping etc.

I do feel that if you decide to invest in some inland properties in Andalucía then you are right there with the chances of getting of the best deal.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Real Estate in Beaulieu-sur-mer, Villefranche-sur-mer, Cap Ferrat

These three places form a triangle which is really great and most pleasant to watch. The endless beaches and the great town side view make them one of the most busy tourist destinations. I do feel that you will definitely find this place to your liking. These seaside towns are so famous that most of the tourist in Europe often finds themselves being spending their vacation in this area.

I would talk about them one by one.

This place is situated at the south of France and has a roman background. The mild climate and the gorgeous little marina make this place look very pleasant. I have been in this place and the restaurants and café out here in the village side are a treat to watch. Because of such a rich heritage and the strategic location I do feel that people from around the world come here to see the real estate and you should not be surprised to know that most of them show the eagerness to settle in this area permanently. And they do find the properties of the area to be very luring. It is really a treat to be in this location.

2.Cap Ferrat

St. Jean Cap Ferrat is not far away from beau lieu. It is a wooden peninsula and is not far behind the beau lieu as far as the beauty is concerned. I must say that you will definitely find this place to be a terrific destination to spend your vacation. As far as the real estate of this area is concerned they are really priceless because you have nothing to compare them with. There are some private beaches and fantastic restaurants across the peninsula. There is immobilier in the area but the reservation takes place when you want to have a look at the property for sale in Cap Ferrat.

3.Real estate Villefranche-sur-mer

This is another town which completes the triangle and I must say that it has the fantastic over location to the sea. You will enjoy the peace and the sea side looks of this place. As far as the real estate is concerned you will definitely find some bigger properties in this area. I must say that this is the busiest of the three places which I have discussed with you. You will enjoy the place and I am sure that you would definitely like to live here for ever.

We have discussed three major regions of the area and I must tell you that no matter from which place you are when you will visit this place I am more than hundred percent sure that you will fall in love with these places.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tips To Grow Your Property Portfolio

Real estate is a big deal. And I must add that there are great chances for you to make a huge profit. I do feel that if you will pay proper attention towards real estate then you will definitely be able to make a huge profit in the field of real estate. All you have to do is to have the clear cut idea about the real estate and then implement it in reality.

I would like to add some key facts which you should really know if you want to grow your property portfolio. They are as follows:

1.Know the right property

This is really a very important point. I do feel that it is really important for you to know that which property is good for you to buy. I do feel that you will definitely find different kinds of properties but you will have to decide that which the most profitable one is. You will definitely find some properties to be more profitable than the other. However one thing is for sure that selecting the best property is really a challenge and I must say that you will definitely have to look through all the angles if you want to make the most out of it.


Foreclosure is one of the method through which you can buy different properties very cheaply. I do feel that this is one of the terminologies which every person who is engaged with the foreclosure should know. The number of foreclosure is really very high in US. I must say that you will definitely find lots of advantages through foreclosure. For example if the property actually cost $300000 then you can buy the property at less than half the price through foreclosure.

3.Do your home work

I must say that you should really do your home work if you want to make a huge profit in the field of real estate. For example just take foreclosure. You cannot really do well with blind bids. You should definitely have in mind that what is the actual cost in the market of the property? You should keep it in your mind that you can buy the foreclosure properties at less than half the rate. Hence if somebody is biding more than that then you should let him only buy the property. Actually this happens when the buyer has some emotional linkage with the property or there is a rivalry between two buyers. But keep it in your mind that if you want to excel in real estate then it would be better if you keep a distance form any sort of rivalry and play the game with a cool mind.

These are some of the tips which will definitely help you in making a huge profit in the field of real estate.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Property Renovation UK

Making property look again good is what home staging is all about. I must say that you will definitely find home staging to be one of the weapons in your hand when you will try to sell your property yet again. I do feel that you will definitely need lots of ideas when you will renovate your property.

The question really arises that what is the need for renovation. I do feel that you will definitely need it when you will try to sell your properties or even when you will try to add some more luxuries in your house. However whatever might be the case I must say that you will definitely requires some best tradesman to renovate your property.

I do feel that you will definitely wan t to renovate the house if it is not proper. But you must be eager to know that what the best deal is when the property renovation will prove profitable for you.
I do feel that you will want to make profit in real estate. If you will ask any of the real estate professional about how to make profit then he will definitely recommend you that you should go for flipping.

As far as the flipping is concerned, it basically deals with buying and selling the property in no time. Whenever you will try to sell your property you will definitely have to make sure that the buyer has the best look at your property. And this is only possible when you will go for proper home staging. I do feel that home staging is a vast topic and has lot to do with the renovation.

However you cannot go for the costliest home staging unless and until you have the reasons behind it. I must say that you should really consult some real estate agent before deciding to go for any sort of real estate renovation. Only then you should decide that to what extent you will do the renovation. Ask your real estate agent that what is the maximum amount which you can get from your property? For any reasons it would really be foolish if you will spend more.

However this is not applicable when you will be living in the house for a long period. I do feel that it would really be great if you spend more on your property. It would really improve your living standards and you will definitely feel much comfortable.

As far as the UK is concerned every idea behind the renovation is counted. You will definitely find all kinds of cheap houses. All you have to do is to buy then and then renovate. After the renovation is over you can then sell your house at higher prices.